Art & Creative Director

Leila McGrath

SelfieArt Direction has been my one and only career love ever since I knew the position existed. It started with my first ad agency job in Minneapolis, taking me to Portland, OR and back. This affinity continued with my experience in a corporate setting where I worked on all aspects of marketing, from strategy to creative. I then launched my own business, and have enjoyed my client services role as well as the creative aspect.


Throughout my career, I’ve believed art direction and design should support a brand’s story rather than overwhelm it, and my work reflects this philosophy. I don’t do complicated, over-designed communications; instead my style is clear, classic and timeless. But it can also be playful and irreverent. Whether visual, verbal, or a combination of both, the overall idea prevails in my work from collateral to content.


I've worked on a wide range of print, collateral, broadcast and interactive marketing. I’m experienced in retail, consumer and B2B, and in business sectors including health care, financial, industrial, and tourism. I offer a wealth of experience in almost every dimension of art direction, design and creative problem-solving.